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 Kids' Turn  


Northern California Center for Family Awareness

Dedicated to helping children through family separations.

Next workshop:   July (parent only) tba 2024

        Whole-Family workshop sessions  2024-2025

            September 26th to October 30 2024

            January 8th  to February 12th 2025

            March 19th to May 17th 2024 

   Coparenting:  parent only class:  C.A.S.P. coparenting workshop starts:  May 27th 2024

Sessions are limited in size - Register early!  Call the office -  or email right away

if you would like to register.   Sessions can fill and close very quickly...

Keeping children out from the middle of parental conflict and distress...

Our Mission

History of NCCFA and Kids' Turn Shasta-Cascade

Kids' Turn provides educational workshops, designed to reduce the risk factors for children that result from parental separation or divorce. Kids' Turn helps children understand and cope with the loss, anger and fear that often accompany separation or divorce. Kids' Turn awakens parents to the need to support their children during this crisis in their lives, so that at-risk behavior by children is averted. Kids' Turn is dedicated to enhancing the lives of these children through improved communication and the knowledge they are not alone.

Kids’ Turn Shasta-Cascade was brought to the north state in 1994 through a grass roots movement led by local judges, school staff and mental health professionals.  We began serving workshops as an affiliate of Kids’ Turn San Francisco in 1995 to help families experiencing separations.  We stay consistent and focused in our mission of “promoting, supporting and securing the well-being of children who are experiencing the challenges of family separation”, our programs bring peace to children and their families who are experiencing parental separation or divorce.


 We help parents to understand the emotions and behaviors of their children from a developmental perspective and help them realize that healthy parent-child bonds are an essential component to future decisions and relationships. Children “find their voice” during our programs and are able to talk about their thoughts and feelings. We focus on healthy parent/child communication and helping children to have positive relationships with both their parents. When children have positive relationships with their parents, they are more likely to do well in school, have positive peer relationships, and less likely to experience mental health issues, use drugs or alcohol or engage in risky behaviors.


In addition to our primary intervention:  Kids’ Turn, our adjunct programs include: Cooperating as Separated Parents: for parents ready to begin working together on co-parenting strategies.   Blending Families: for all adults participating in rearing children in separated or blended homes.  Quick Start:  Supervised Visitation specific educational services for parents, the community and professional providers.

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Our Program

Workshops and Services


Kids' Turn Workshop

6 week Whole-Family workshop - Parents receive 9 hours coparenting education

Next Workshop starts:
Parent only Groups held each month...due to Covid.  Full family sessions set to start in the fall.

Blending Families Workshop

2 session open to all adults wanting to improve their role in a child's life. 

Contact us for information/registration for the fall session.

Cooperating as Separated Parents

Four hours -  Parent only Education about family disruption - follows Kids' Turn Workshop

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Quick Start


Supervised Visitation specific training for parents or professional providers.

Our partners and Major Donors

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Board of Directors

Committed to the Cause

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Sadie Krueger

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Mike Krueger

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Martha McCoy

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Phil Reedy


Christine Wasson

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Tammy Wood

“When children are free to love both their parents without conflict of loyalty and to have access to them both without fear of losing either, they can get on with the totally absorbing business of growing up on schedule.”

                               Isolina Ricci

Contact Kids' Turn Redding Shasta-Cascade

Redding CA United States 96099-1473

(530) 244-5749

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